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AFS outline - III Body/Point Two – Certificate of Freedom...

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I. Introduction a. Thesis: Whites oppressed blacks even when blacks were free i. How the whites felt about blacks in general; how they viewed them; how did they treat them: as slaves and freemen ii. How/Why blacks had limited freedom—Certificate of Freedom, Black Laws iii. How slavery helped develop America. II. Body/Point One – White treatment of blacks a. Whites felt they were inferior b. How were they viewed: whites were disgusted by blacks; thought they were always violent and savages. c. Competition for whites, amongst blacks i. Famous inventors d. Pro-slavery physician who declared “blacks are slaves by nature” i. What were his views on blacks 1. Tone and seriousness of the document e. During slavery, masters beat slaves; whipped and lynched
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Unformatted text preview: III. Body/Point Two – Certificate of Freedom 1. What, How, Who, When, etc 2. Refer back to original document ii. Black codes kept freedom limited 1. Details—what specific laws; how it differed in each state 2. Response to black codes a. What did people do? i. Riots, revolts 1. Nat Turner ii. Became more educated iii. Separated from the church (reforms) 1. Methodist church 2. Richard Allen IV. Body/Point Three – How slavery was a great factor in the development of America. V. Conclusion a. Conclude paper i. Broader topic of discrimination and racism b. Summary of the project c. Issues and opinions about the topic...
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AFS outline - III Body/Point Two – Certificate of Freedom...

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