9-4-2007 - 9-4-2007Europe – used to be called...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-4-2007Europe – used to be called Christendom. Saw themselves as Christian and fight for Christianity. Warriors for Christ.Europe – innocent word? Gives a certain notion Hard to define – no defined boarders between Asia and Europe unlike Australia Search to find what makes Europe “Europe”. Is there a single thing that unites Europe?Economics? – problematic Does not have a single governmental system that dominates the nation – no political consistency. Europeans put greater tendency from artUsed governmental forms from Athens.Languages – Indo-European – no simple linguistic solutionsReligion – Christianity dominance. Break between catholic north and protestant south-There are other religions throughout EuropeDifferentiated Development of Europe – Gnosticism/Gnostics (pronounced as nosticism or nostics), Provence (France)Eurocentrism - Belief in the preeminence of Europe and the EuropeansCreate a great canon of whatever genre that it happened to be written in – best plays,...
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9-4-2007 - 9-4-2007Europe – used to be called...

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