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Homeric gods have a place in human life They sometimes behave more humanly than humans do. Apollo – sets things in motion who creates the fight Two gods are responsible – Apollo and the will of Zeus Gods bickering against each other Human is more dramatic Problem of free will – if Achilles goes to battle with hector, how much will does he have? Will of zeus leads to their ends Zeus’ will leads all the events of the iliad but that is not so, remain skeptical Achilles is not allowed to kill the king because of Athena who holds him back Achilles tries to kill the king but by being held back, gives him a sense of free will than is allowed by Zeus Gods do not determine all that is going on Determinism – predestined Achilles is neither free willed nor fully determinism but has senses of both Contradiction between free will and determinism Oikos – signifies home/hearth Hector is closely identified with this Hector’s wife reminds him that Achilles is the best of the best. Wife of hector – hector is everything to her
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