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9-27 - Almost 20-25 years passed within this journey Loss...

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plots are sequential – Iliad precedes Odysseus separatists – scholars who contend were not the work of one author plot is very linear separatists will argue that these works are non linear epics – 24 books future books were created with the involvement of the number 24 Achilles – best known for the warrior code Achilles fights straightforward – best for physical abilities – straightforward plot Odysseus plans his actions beforehand – strategists – outthinks people – smartest – twisted journeys and adventures – mental ability that is striking Difference between content in the warrior code Muse spoken to directly at beginning of story Divinity has been set in motion Odysseus is not named by his name – his name changes throughout the story – he is not always odysseus Achilles on the other hand is named at the very beginning Known by epitaphs Without them, it would be impossible to identify the hero. Achilles exists because of his rage Odysseus can exist for different reasons.
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Unformatted text preview: Almost 20-25 years passed within this journey Loss of time – what can you do? Baby son grows up Problem with mortality Studied people as he traveled – student of human behavior Shipmates own recklessness killed them although he tried to save them. Known as the man alone – has the figure things out for himself Nastoi – return – chapters 13-24, his journey going home Heart and soul of the story. Story of identity. Until he is home to reclaim the throne, his identity is almost lost. Trysa (lycia) Heroon: south wall, frieze Odysseus c. 370-380bc penthesilea painter kylix: odysseus and ajax quarreling over armor of Achilles c. 450 slaying of suitors suitors are trying to marry penolope kings derived from their abilities by demonstrating merits picaro picaresque tricksters narrative strategy calypso – means to seal story rounds up the Trojan cycle – tells us what happens to the heroes relationship between gods and odysseus, = personal...
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