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Modeling depends on ancient greek sculpture Most sculptors are from Florence Movement that begins with the renaissance 1386-1466 donatello Argument on how long he worked on this Finishing work may have been worked on longer 12 years to complete Counterpoise – model he had to work with – had to relearn First counterpoise in 1500 years Had to figure out for himself Not many sculptures survive Great insight and resourcefulness Lots of similarities Muscles not overdone Roman – sculptures about emperor and powers If we looked at donatello, it is clearly different David who slays goliath Classic story of the underdog.
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Unformatted text preview: Visual paradox Verrocchio – rough contemporary of donatello Creates much of the same story Puts clothes on him Learned from donatello of the basics Micelangelo – revision Marcello ficino – mix of both Christianity and ancient art Since we are all created god, all is divine, so Is art Unfishined’why is sculpture so great according to Michelangelo Like god, he creates something out of nothing anti climatic Dualism – day and night Triangular Vertical lines Curvature Night is wide awake Day is asleep Guy in the middle seems as if he pops out of the niche...
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