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09/20/07 Thetis, mother of Achilles, a goddess /Achilles—half-divine figure motif of Achilles’ armor in art Achilles’ hometown— Pthia Achilles—representative figure in Greek hero cult (heroic figures being treated as gods) Epic Warrior Code is fundamental in Homeric epics—No outright moral judgment on exemplary figures. Attentions are paid on moral complexity rather than heroes’ flaws, which is very different from modern warrior code with a clear moral center (judgment of what’s good and bad). Ch.1-8, violence and rage seems to fit into epic warrior code Turning point, Book 9—violence and rage goes too far. A solution has to be made. Book 23— Priam came to ransom Hector’s body. Achilles’ reaction trespasses the limits and loses control of himself, which violates epic warrior codes. Book 9 / p.74-6 p.74 “There lies my wealth, hoards of it, all I left behind when I sailed to Troy on this, this insane voyage—and still more hoards from here: gold, ruddy bronze, women sashed and
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