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11/29/07 St. Augustine(354-430) Confessions p.833 correction—Saint Augustine(354- 4 30 AD) Originally his religious approach is more of Manicheanism. Manicheanism reflects the dualism of the world. Manicheanism believes the world, a fallen place, is created by demiurge. However, his idea of the cosmology of the world emphasizes oneness, a kind of totality, instead of dualism. Plotinus —God is the author of the world St. Augustine took over Plotinus’s idea and turned to Christianity. His paganism is in favor of monotheism. Stoicism in Confessions Polemics —St. Augustine’s writing is in a way to convert readers to believe in what he believes Confessions is polemical Neoplatonism St. Augustine initiated the concept of trinity p.846-8 Polemic tone, Stoicism, St. Auguestine’s comments on “Manichee follies”
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Unformatted text preview: p.847I myself applied through the mediation of those intoxicated with Manichee follies p.834 Childhood I do not know where I came from. consciousness is something formed later/the arise from nothingness Education Evil is the absence of Good. Original sin p.837 so tiny a child, so great a sinner p.837-8 lust . . . I abandoned you to pursue the lowest things of your creation. I was dust going to dust. The desire of the body is at odds with the soul One can only free himself from lust by repressing sexual desire p.849 As I was not a lover of marriage but a slave of lust , I procured another woman, not of course as wife. . . ....
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112907 - p.847I myself applied through the mediation of...

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