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12/06/07 Lecture Notes Rossellini, Flowers of St. Francis the film is produced after WWII (1950) when a fundamental crisis of European values emerged Rossellini’s preoccupation with St. Francis suggests a return to Christendom Neorealism —a returm to verismo, Italian Naturalism Cinecitta—where major Italian film studios locate During this period, authoritive regimes advanced films to spread political ideology
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Unformatted text preview: Rossellinis neorealistic approach broke away from all the political ideology. If theres any ideology found in the film, it has to do with the directors own ideology Realism verisimilitude (literarily means true-resemblance to reality) Naturalism also represents reality, albeit focuses more on lower classes Flowers of St. Francis no studio shots, low-tech, natural effect, amateur actors...
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