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09112007 - Before Alexandria library we are not sure how...

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09/11/2007 Homer The problematic nature of Homer’s biography— Documents and information about Homer’s legend are unreliable and void. Traces about this writer are left in the writing only. The question of Homer’s Literacy Homeric epics are mostly in oral form. The stories could be results of oral dictations. Whether Homer is the only subscriber becomes questionable. Authorship is an open question. Circulation of Homeric Epics: The current edition (translated by Robert Fagles ) is based on 1902 Oxford edition. 1454—fall of Constantinople, the Byzantine Empire. (Before 1454, whoever wished to read the Homeric work would need to go to Constantinople where the only Homeric manuscript is kept.) 1488, Renaissance— first printed-edition appeared in Florence. The 1902 Oxford edition is based on 1488 first printed issue. Alexandria library in Egypt kept numeral Homeric copies.
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Unformatted text preview: Before Alexandria library, we are not sure how Homeric works were transmitted. • Phoenician alphabet system influenced Greek spelling system and indirectly facilitated Greek literacy. Background: Syllabary consists of 87 letters—it was unproductive form of writing and did not last long. Phoenicians alphabets consist of 25 letters—Phoenician alphabets was adapted to Greek around 8 th BC , just about Homer’s time. The Language of Homeric Epics: Rhapsode — oral poetry. Homeric epics were originally oral compositions. Textology— studies of the text Difficulty to translate Homeric epics—translators thus have powerful effect on the tone of the text Attic, Ionic and Aeolic dialects are the major languages used in Homeric works. Epithets Ex: Hector—“the shining helmet”...
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