StudQstTS1 - GEO 102: STUDY QUESTIONS FOR TEST I (Be sure...

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GEO 102: STUDY QUESTIONS FOR TEST I (Be sure to use the questions at the end of each chapter as well as the online resources and quizzes in each chapter): Introduction Sketch and label a pie-shaped cross section of the Earth Name 3 energy sources for the early differentiation of Earth. What are Earth's Internal and External Processes; energy sources for these? List the four eras of the geologic time scale, oldest at bottom, youngest at top. How fast do plates move? If 2 plates move apart at 10 cm/year, how long would it take for them to move 1 km?150km? Plate Tectonics -What was the pre-1960s evidence for continental drift? Why was it not generally believed? -What was Pangaea? -What is paleomagnetism? In what two ways did it help support the plate tectonics hypothesis? -What is sea-floor spreading? Who formulated the concept? -How were plate boundaries first defined? -How does plate tectonics theory help explain continental drift? -Why can oceanic crust be subducted but continental crust not? -Why must production and destruction of lithosphere be approximately balanced? -With which type of plate boundary is each associated? Himalayas. Aleutians, Red Sea, Andes, San Andreas fault, Iceland, Japan, Mt. St. Helens. -A transform fault connecting a left-lateral offset in a mid-ocean ridge will (a) be active only in the segment between the ridges (b) generate deep-focus earthquakes (c) slip in a left-lateral direction (d) show normal faulting (e) a and c above. (Be careful!!!) -The most favored (but still incomplete) theory to explain the driving forces in plate tectonics concerns: (a) geosynclines (b) tidal forces (c) convection currents in the core (d) slow convective movements in the mantle (e) antigravity. -What three important conceptual breakthroughs in the 1960's led up to the Plate Tectonic Theory?
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StudQstTS1 - GEO 102: STUDY QUESTIONS FOR TEST I (Be sure...

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