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CHAPTER 7: DEVIANCE, CRIME, & THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM SECTION 1 What is Deviance? o Behavior that violates expected rules or norms Positive deviance over conforms Negative deviance falls below social expectations Example: piercings Characteristics of Deviance o It can be a condition, belief, or behavior o It is accompanied by social stigma o It varies across and within cultures o It can be formal or informal o Perceptions change over time Extreme Deviance o More serious, less common o Society views and treats more harshly o Social exclusion o Body Art: Piercings Tattooing Implants “Lizard Man” transforming since 1999 Extra Terrestrial Kidnapping Testing Impregnating Marriage Environmental Animals (Animal Liberation Front) o Freeing animals from testing Earth (Earth Liberation Front) o Tree spiking o Burning down buildings Supremacist One groups is better than another o Race o Gender o Sexuality o Religion 900+ supremacist groups as of 2009 Orange County Hate Groups o League of the South:
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1994 southern culture (white supremacy, southern secession)9000 members o Kinist Institute (white supremacy, racial slurs, violence against non whites, literature to share beliefs) o Isaraelite Church of God in Jesus Christ (black separatists, oppose integration/interracial marriage o Confederate Hammerskins “skinheads”, violent, white supremacy start racial war in U.S. 1970s Tom Metzerg SECTION 2 What is Crime? o Crime is a violation of societal norms & rules written into public laws that is subject to punishment Sources of Crime Statistics o Official Data: Uniform Crime Reports o Victim Surveys: National Crime Victimization Survey Crime Types o Violent Homicide/Murder/Manslaughter Killing of another human (intentionally or not) Assault (Aggravated, Simple, Battery) Attack someone physically (range of intensity) Rape Assault by a person involving sexual intercourse with another person without that person’s consent Robbery Larceny (theft) with threat or use of violence Property Burglary o
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