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CHAPTER 8: SOCIAL STRATIFICATION SECTION 1 What is Social Stratification o A hierarchical ranking of people who have different access to valued resources in a society o Property, prestige, and status Closed Stratification System o Movement from one social position to another is limited due to ascribed statuses o Slavery and castes are closed systems Chattel slavery: people are bought & sold as commodities (Bok) Domestic slavery: employers force people to work long hrs for little pay if any Human Trafficking Prolific areas for criminal activity $9.5 billion industries in one year Most international victims come from South Asia (former soviet Union is largest for prostitution Trafficking from less developed countries to industrialized nations Gangs are major traffickers Reasons for Trafficking: o Subordinat o ion of women Favor sons o Lack opportunity for a better life o High demand for cheap labor o Restrictions on immigration, migrants ask smugglers for help o Few victims testify against the traffickers o o Governments downplay the problem, some take bribes Trafficked persons: o Females: 56% o Under 25 (mid to late teens) o Asian, Russian, S.E. European Victims Acquired By: o Kidnapping o Lured with false promises of jobs as au pairs, models, dancers, domestic workers
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o Marriage opportunities o Ask their parents directly After providing transportation & documents, victims are in debt to the trafficker Florida rates: o 24% for labor o 23% for sexual acts o 9% for slavery Caste Systems Social categories are based in heredity India caste system based on employment
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