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Exum 1 Sabrina Exum Dr. Holly Elliott ENC 1102 21 April 2011 Florida’s Driving Age Needs to be Increased It’s pretty much common sense that teenage drivers have the most crashes and fatalities per crash amongst drivers, but there are many solid theories and reasons to support why teen drivers are at higher risk of crashing than others and why car crashes remain the leading cause of death for this age group as stated by Progressive Auto Insurance’s teen driving safety analysis and tips. (Teen (par. 8)) The driving age needs to be increased to at least eighteen years of age. The first years of driving are the most important years, and a teenager’s lifestyle, mental development, and attitude are major factors as to why teen drivers are more at risk of crashing. As reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s youth risk behavior surveillance summary, teenagers tend to underestimate or even lack to ability to recognize dangerous and hazardous situations in general, let alone driving hazards such as rain, rush hour traffic, or sharp turns. This means teens won’t be likely to slow down or keep a long enough headway, which is the distance from the front of the driver’s vehicle to the car in front of them, and can easily hit the car in front. Teenagers also tend to drive with other teens, lacking driving supervision by a responsible and experienced adult. Because they don’t have this necessary supervision to ensure safety they are more likely to become distracted and crash. (Centers (par. 1)) Even though the legal drinking age is twenty-one, twenty-five percent of drivers ages fifteen to twenty who died in a car crash had a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) teen driving facts sheet. (Division (par. 2)) These levels
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Exum 2 correspond with the lifestyle of many teens. Many teens go to parties where alcohol is being served and don’t care about it being illegal to drink. They then get behind the wheel and drive or ride with someone who is driving under the influence to get home. Many usually say that teenagers cause the most accidents. In reality, they may not cause the most accidents, but there is a high number of teenage drivers being involved in accidents. According to the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles the amount of teenagers involved in accidents is four times that of middle-aged drivers and three times as high among sixteen year olds than eighteen to nineteen year olds. (Official (par. 5)) Because teenagers can drive at such a young age, this imposes a great weight on parents. Their child will need to have or borrow a car if they want to go anywhere with their license. This can lead to an added expense on a parent. It can also add stress because parents may worry about their child when they’re off driving and hope that they’re safe and pay attention to road signs and other drivers on the road. According to the US Department of Motor Vehicles, Florida isn’t the only state with a
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ENC_1102_4 - Exum 1 Sabrina Exum Dr Holly Elliott ENC 1102...

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