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Chapter2 HW_partA - minute c What’s the average speed&...

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Chapter2 Homework (Part A) 1. John rides his bike to school everyday. The distance between his home and the school is 3 miles. It takes him 12 minutes to ride this distance everyday. What is his average speed and average velocity in miles per hour? 2. In the figure below, a person runs from the point A through the courses AB & BC within 2 minutes; and then it takes him one more minute to run from point C to point D. a. What’s the average speed & average velocity of him during the first two minutes? b. What’s the average speed & average velocity of him in the last
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Unformatted text preview: minute? c. What’s the average speed & average velocity of him from A to D? 3. Please calculate the average speed (km/h) of the automobile. An automobile travels: a. at 5O km/h for 3 hours; and then at 65 km/h for 1 hour. b. 2 hours travel at 4O km/h followed by 3 hours travel at 60 km/h followed by 1 hour travel at 52 km/h c. 4 hours travel at 6O MPH followed by 2 hours travel 3O MPH. d. 5 hours travel at 4O MPH followed by 3 hours in static....
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