Geometry - Ans = 27.38 cu cm 3 A polyhedron has 10 faces...

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EXERCISES Can the answer to each exercise be determined? If yes , state the answer. If no , explain. 1. The sum of the circumference and height of a cylinder is 20 cm.What is the surface area of the cylinder? Ans =88.85 sq cm 2. a. The surface area of a cylinder is 44 cm2.What is the volume of the cylinder? a. surface area (3) Vol of cylinder = 848.65 cu cm b. The surface area of a sphere is 44 cm2.What is the volume of the sphere?
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Unformatted text preview: Ans = 27.38 cu cm 3. A polyhedron has 10 faces and the number of edges is 8 more than the number of vertices.What is the number of edges of the polyhedron? Ans # of edges = 24 4. An equilateral triangle has an area of 100 in.2.What is the length of a side? Ans Lenght = 14.142 in...
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