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// compound.cpp // By Jonathan Kleid // Calculates future value of an amount of money placed in an interest // bearing account over time. / #include <iostream.h> #include <iomanip.h> #include "apstring.h" # // function prototypes int &first_year, int &first_month, int &total_months); void calculate_principal(double &principal, double interest_rate); void print_date(int year, int month); v // main function int main() { double principal, interest_rate; int first_year, first_month, total_months, month_count, current_year, current_month; apstring Wait; // used in "Press Enter to Continue" input get_user_input(principal, interest_rate, first_year, first_month, total_months); current_year = first_year; current_month = first_month; cout.setf(ios::fixed); // prevent exponential notation for (month_count = 0; month_count < total_months; month_count++) { print_date(current_year, current_month); cout << "$" << setprecision(2) << principal << '\n';
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This note was uploaded on 06/20/2011 for the course COMPUTER 12 taught by Professor Aymanboghdady during the Spring '11 term at American College of Computer & Information Sciences.

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compound - / / / / / compound.cpp By Jonathan Kleid...

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