Arrays as Function Arguments

Arrays as Function Arguments - Generate takes an array and...

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Arrays as Function Arguments Sending arrays to functions as formal parameters Pass not only the array but send a parameter To pass an array to a function, it is common to pass array size so that function knows how many elements to process: o NAME (pass this array, ARRAY_SIZE); Array size must also be reflected in prototype, header: o Void NAME (int [], int); prototype o Void NAME (int [], int size); header Passing a file as a parameter to a sub function fstream inFile Programming Project 4 Prime number: any number greater than one divisible only by 1 and that number Use the array question from exam 2 in this project to compute prime numbers in function 1
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Unformatted text preview: Generate: takes an array and a number It should give you all the prime numbers int another [1000]; use a for loop to change the contents of the array use another for loop j = 0 size = 0 for ( i=0, i < n-1, i++) if primes [j] = another ; size ++ j ++ after this loop the array will contain the prime numbers and the size + + will tell you how many prime numbers you filled Boolean function: String array: Sum Array: Int sumArray (const int array , int numterms); Int sum = 0, I; For (i=0, i<numterms, i++) Sum = sum + array [i]; Return sum;...
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Arrays as Function Arguments - Generate takes an array and...

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