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Lab 01 Expectations Make sure all plots are labeled well, and show the value that you were asked to find to the correct number of decimals. Submit plots: 2, 3, 5, 8 1. Show that k = .39 using the two equations that are given. 2. Approximate the number of hours the body has been dead and the time of death from graph. Turn in the zoomed in, labeled plot with the time of death written on it. 3. Approximated value of T(1). Turn in both the predicted temperature and the plot. 4. Solve equation (*). Find a more accurate value of k using the initial conditions that are given.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Repeat part 2 with the k value found in part 4. 6. Mathematically (not graphically), find the “exact” time of death. How does it compare to the graphical value found in part 5? 7. What is wrong with the intern’s reasoning? (two to three sentences) 8. Approximate the time of death as in part 2. This will require you to type a new equation in to dfield7. 9. Use the approximation along with (*) to find an approximate value for k. Is this closer to the true value found in (4)...
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