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  1. The two major and successful Internet-based businesses Google and eBay have similar core competencies. 2. The result of the rush to invest in EC projects and start-up companies was the 2001–2003 “dot- com bust,” when hundreds of EC startups went out of business and the stock market crashed. 3. Unlike the brick-and-mortar marketplace, the failure rate for online companies is low. 4. For many e-businesses, a majority of their customer online traffic comes from search engines. 5. With Web 2.0, there are security problems and serious concerns regarding the quality and integrity of user-created content on the Web. 6. For _____________ companies, it may be even more important to change strategies quickly. a. traditional b. pure play c. service d. retail 7. Projections of the business technological, political, economic, and other environments are called: a. forecasts. b. SWOT analysis c. competitive intelligence d. value propositions 8. The unique combination of resources, experiences, and expertise within a particular firm is called their: a. corporate strategy. b. core competencies.
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c. functional strategy. d. competitive advantage. 9. All of the following are elements of a company’s strategy EXCEPT: a. competitor analysis. b. forecasts. c. day-to-day operations. d. company analysis. 10. CIOs need to effectively communicate the value of proposed EC projects in order to gain approval for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: a. Companies now realize that EC is not necessarily the solution to all problems. b.
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StudentFinalExam - 1 The two major and successful...

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