Chapter 11 - Progeny rice(282 Marital gifts by the...

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Chapter 11 – Marriage: Genitor (270) : A child’s biological father Pater : One’s socially recognized father; not necessarily the genitor Exogamy : The practice of seeking a husband or wife outside one’s own group Parallel cousins : Children of two brothers or two sisters Cross cousins : Children of a brother and a sister Endogamy (276) : Marriage of people from the same group Mater (278) : One’s socially recognized mother Bridewealth (280) : Marital gift by husband’s group to wife’s group
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Unformatted text preview: Progeny rice (282) : Marital gifts by the husband’s group to the wife’s; legitimizes their children Dowry : Substantial gifts to husband’s family from wife’s group Plural marriage (283) : More than two spouses simultaneously (polygamy) Polyandry : Woman has more than one husband at the same time Polygyny : Man has more than one wife at the same time Sororate : Widower marries sister of hid deceased wife Levirate : Widower marries brother of her deceased husband...
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