Atwood purp - the meter stick. 2. Next pull the lighter...

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Patrice Dodson Section 0A1(Tuesday) October 6, 2009 Newton’s Second Law: The Atwood Machine Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to use Newton’s Second Law to make an educated guess of the acceleration of an Atwood machine. Then the guess will be used to verify the equations of kinematics with constant acceleration. Procedure: 1. Remove 10gram mass of the farthest object from meter stick and add to the object in front of
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Unformatted text preview: the meter stick. 2. Next pull the lighter object down until it hits the table and record the distance of the heavier object. 3. Then release and record with a stop watch how fast it hits the table. 4. Return the mass to the other object. Remove 20 grams and add it to the other object. Repeat steps 1-3. Then again for 40 grams....
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