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January 29, 2005 Art 1131 Giotto’s Madonna and Child Enthroned and Raphael’s Madonna dell Granduca The Madonna dell Granduca was painted in c.1505 by Raphael. It was painted during the High Renaissance in oil on wood and measures 84 x 55 cm (33 x 21 ½ in.). The theme represented is Biblical Motif. Raphael was a master painter and architect. He is best known for his paintings of Madonna’s. His work is admired for its clarity of form and ease of composition. The Madonna dell Granduca is a portrait of a mother and her child. The three primary colors red, yellow, and blue are used. The mother and child’s skin is yellow to create a look of warmth and create balance. The red on the mother clothes draw’s attention to her chest, which the baby is leaning on, creating the viewer to focus on the baby. The blue is subtle and fades into the darkness of the background, which is black. The visual texture of this painting is very smooth. There is just enough light to see the mother holding the baby creating a look of depth with the black
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