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Chapter 19 and 20 study guide

Chapter 19 and 20 study guide - STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 19 20...

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STUDY GUIDE - CHAPTER 19 & 20 Chapter 19 Job order costing process costing materials requisition receiving report materials ledger work in process inventory Activity Based Costing What are the 2 types of accounting systems for manufacturing? What are some examples of companies/industries who use process costing? Job order costing? Flow of manufacturing cost- (RM-WIP-FG-COGS) Examples of factory overhead costs Importance/usefulness of job cost sheets What would be an activity base for developing factory overhead rates in highly automated settings? labor intensive setting?: Understand the difference in period cost and product costs Service industry - what will job cost sheet consist of? When a job is completed in a service organization, the job costs are transferred to what account? Factory overhead is applied to jobs in a job order cost system using a _________
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