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Examples of limiting factor: Culture 1. Aggression: War (Nuclear weapons; another culturally driven form of delayed density dependence?) A. Many near-uses of atomic weapons; inadequately secured uranium and weapons in former USSR nations - Unknown consequences of inadvertent or terrorist use - i.e. antler --> aggression may have pushed to aggression Little sign of progress towards elimination - Global climate change B. Major loss of species / communities - Much greater energy requirements at a time when energy will be scarce Need for greatly increased relocation of human population Great advancement Likely shift of good farming climate to areas with poor soil fertility Endangered species may be essential to agriculture Many potential feedbacks on human population - Still important for future prediction This will require reduced resource use per person or reduced numbers of people if population becomes large Limitation (regulation) of any population required stability around some intermediate population size What if limitation by waste products or aggression does not happen? - Factors that influence culture 2. Barriers to decreased consumption of resources A. (What limits decreased resources use in humans?) Individual expectations based on current or past behavior Social support for lower impact behavior is initially absent (i.e. good public transit) Cultural inertia (significant energy and time required) - Meeting different needs Absence of short-term benefits to individuals who reduce consumption (Tragedy of
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February 1, 2011 - January-29-11 5:55 AM 1. Examples of...

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