Lab 3 - 1 Chara(morphology Internodes with a single long...

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1. Chara (morphology) - Internodes with a single long cell comprised of multiple chloroplasts. - Internodes’ cells produce pyrenoids. 2. Seedless, nonvascular plants - Earliest land plants with lifecycle of gametophyte > sporophyte. o Alternative life-cycle between sporophytes (sporic meosis) in which meiosis gives rise to spores (1n) that can develop into multicellular, haploid gametophyte & gametophytes – the independent photosynthetic plants. - Life cycle o Formation of protonema from spores that give rise to shoots to become gametophytes. Filamentous, green, algal-like that are usually composed of rhizoids. They form dense green mats. o Gametophytes initiate gametangia at branches or tip of the main shoot followed by gamete production & fertilization. During the sexual cycle, gametes are produced on either the same plant or different plants. Archegonium (egg) / Antheridium (sperm, bigellate) These gametangia are covered with sterile layer of non-productive tissue (evolutionary step from algae to upper seed coats of flowering plants). The mature antheridium is released from antheridia with presence of rain or water- drops on the plant surface. It swims to archegonia and down the necks to reach the eggs to fuse with single egg in each archegonium. “Fertilization through process of oogamy” The fertilization produces zygote (2n). Beginning of sporophytic generation o Sporophytic generation The formation of multicellular, diploid embryo (young sporophyte) via mitosis of zygote within archegonium. The development of sporophytes
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Lab 3 - 1 Chara(morphology Internodes with a single long...

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