lecture 4 - 1. Summary of Today's lecture (fungal...

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1. Summary of Today's lecture (fungal interactions) What is Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes? o Heterotrophic : they feed on almost any carbon source Individual species specialize on specific food o Biggest ecological role They recycle dead plant material o Obtain nutrients via enzyme secretion and absorbs smaller-molecular components o Cell walls composed of chitin and b-glucans o Sexual and asexual reproduction Fungi are good at decomposing material that is not accessible to any other organisms. Therefore, they play role in decomposing of wood and belong to fundamental decomposers o 90% organic material decomposition 3 fundamental decomposers: fungi, earthworm, 2. Ascomycetes Growth forms of ascomycetes: Filamentous (multicellular) vs. yeast-like (unicellular) a. Filamentous ascomycetes o Occurs as branched hyphae o Grow at hyphal tips (most absorptive) o Move substances back and forth along hyphae o Can form mycelium Visible mass of hyphae o Hyphae is very effective at penetrating solid subwtance b. Yeast-like ascomycetes (yeast) o Some lost ability to form hyphae --> unicellular habit o Multiply by budding Protoplasm pushes out a weak spot in cell wall --> progeny cell forms from bulge o Specialized for growth in nutrient-rich liquids or on nutrient-enriched surfaces Plankton-like o i.e. Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker’s yea st) Unicellularityin Asco’s= primitive o Unicellularity derivedstate baker’s yeast (in the Saccharo -mycetaceae) is derived from filamentous ancestors o Phylogeny of the baker’s yeast order (Saccharomycetales) Growth forms of ascomycetes: sexual and asexual vs. only sexual o Sexual and asexual is typical for most ascomycetes a. Sexual ascomycetes
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lecture 4 - 1. Summary of Today's lecture (fungal...

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