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375b - —.— The answer is © The magnetic field inside...

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Unformatted text preview: —.— The answer is © The magnetic field inside a lung, narrcw, tightly wound sdleneicl is unifarrn. Use the right hand for predicting the erientatien ef the magnetic field of a current to determine the orientatitm cf the field within the ceil: THE INTERIDR DF A SflLEhDID IS A GREAT MODEL S‘I'STEM FDR MENEI'ISM QUESTIMS BECAUSE IT CONTAINS-A UNIFORM HAGHEI'IE FIELD. ADDITIDHhLL‘I'. THE SDLEHEIID I5 SIGNIFIENFIHAE CURRENT AS THE MUDEL IHDLETEIR MID ASA WWW CUMPflHEHT. c state .J warm ...
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