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377a - Proms MGNETTSM KNEE Smmsqflhcflogneiic Fici'd[3”...

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Unformatted text preview: Proms * MGNETTSM '* KNEE * Smmsqflhcflogneiic Fici'd [3”] Magnetism in Matter Paramagnetism Paramagnetic substances contain electrons within atomic or molecular orbitals that are unpaired. producing net electron spin. Paramagnetic substances are weakly attracted by magnetic fields. Ferromagnetism Ferromagnetic substances can be permanently magne- tized as randomly oriented electron spins align coop- eratiyely in domains. Ferro- magnetism is much stronger than paramagnetism. flfrgnmenl of ens-errors spins in a finemngneiic substance. Diamagnetlsm In diamagnetic substances all electrons are paired. Diamagnetic sub- stances are yery, very weakly repelled by magnetic fields, a much weaker interaction than either paramagnetism or ferromagnetism. ...
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