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407a - Farms" ELECTRGHAGNEHE Hill-“E Iii “"...

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Unformatted text preview: Farms " ELECTRGHAGNEHE Hill-“E? * Iii “" Emails-Italic HhuePropggoflon [43?] Q [in a clear day, the solar power per unit area recein at the earth’s surface is approximately' iflflfl Win12. According to the expression below, this power intensityr corresponds to an instantaneous net electric field magnitude of approximately son NH: . P = power 2 A. = area i = C EOE c = spooooflight A Eu = penniuivity conslanl a = asx 1o"i c‘mm‘ E = eloolric fie1d magnitude 0 What is the approximate value of the in- stantaneous net magnetic field magnitude . in the sun’s rays on the earth’s surface? ff ii; a. 3.9x 10‘11T c. aox1o1’r b. 2.0Kifl‘5T d. 1.3K1fl”T ...
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