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420b - 1 The answer is © drown glass trigonal prisms are...

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Unformatted text preview: 1' The answer is © drown glass trigonal prisms are used for reflection within normal periscopes because tight striking the glass-air interface at a 45° angle is internally reflected. 45“ is greater than the critical angle for a crown glass-air interface. This is why reflection occurs and the peri- scope works properly. {Remember that light moyi ng from a high index of refraction medium to a low inde: medium bends away from the normal. HowaEr, light can only bend 90” before it’s travelling along the interface, and the critical angle at which this occurs, and beyond which reflection occurs, will be lower, the greater the difference between the indices of refraction of the two media} sin 3g: % in. any} I Reflection occurs with glass and air (indices: 1 .52 vs. 1 no} because the critical angle is less than 45” {41"} while crown glass and water {1.51 vs. 1.33} has a critical angle of 61". {This math isn't necessary because 'c’ is the only plausible answer]. THE «OCEAN—WATER VS. PURE—WATER DEFIHCTIDH IN'FI-EPRWTiSAPEDI-ERHIPE. QUE'I'IDNSMDU'I' DEDUCTI'DHS FROM E'flDEH-EE CFI'EH HIWE A FEW FALSE LEADS 5i} DDH'T JUMP TO EHELLEIHE Tm QUICKLY. THIHi AWUT THE Pi-h'ElES AND RED ALLTHE ANSWERS. c zoos .J wsrzst ...
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