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ACCOUNTING 271 PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING I W INTER 2008 C OURSE I NSTRUCTOR C OURSE A DMINISTRATOR Charles F. Klemstine Jeff Williams 6610 Executive Residence (764-0122) 6605 Executive Residence (763-5933) E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Thursday 2:00-4:00 and Office Hours: By appointment Friday 10:00-12:00 R ECITATION I NSTRUCTOR N a m e : O f f i c e H o u r : O f f i c e : C ONTENT Accounting 271 provides an introduction to financial accounting, the language of business. Students will learn how the economic activities of a business are reflected in financial state- ments and how the information in financial statements can be analyzed to assess the risk and performance of a business. Emphasis will be placed on fundamental concepts and principles and the ability to make reasoned decisions based on financial information. This is the first of two introductory accounting courses at the Ross School of Business. The second course, Accounting 272, examines the use of managerial accounting information in planning and controlling the operations of a business. Courses in advanced accounting, business economics, corporate strategy, finance, and marketing will require you to work with and interpret financial information in the manner taught in the Accounting 271-272 course sequence. C OURSE M ATERIALS Textbook : Introduction to Financial Reporting and Analysis , 4 th Edition, by E.A. Imhoff and C.F. Klemstine (available at the Michigan Union Bookstore). ISBN: 0-9747098-6-7 CTools Site :
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Accounting 271 Syllabus – Winter 2008 2 C ONDUCT OF THE C OURSE The attached outline shows the topic and assignment for each class and the exam schedule. Professor Klemstine will present the lectures in 1120 Weill Hall. The recitation instructors will cover the home-work assignments and other topics in the recitation classes. Professor Williams will handle all administrative matters. Please read the assigned textbook chapter before each lecture and work the assigned problems prior to each recitation class. In addition, please check the Accounting 271 CTools site on a regular basis for announcements and updates. G RADES Grades will be based on the following: Homework Assignments 60 points First Exam 100 Second Exam 100 Final Exam 100 Total 360 G RADING P OLICY The median grade in Accounting 271 is a B . Grades will be assigned solely on points from the homework assignments and the exams as shown above. Patterns of improvement or evaluations of effort cannot be considered. We are aware that circumstances sometimes arise which could impact your performance on an exam or cause you to miss turning in a set of homework problems. However, attempts by us to adjust for these would be arbitrary and unfair to the others in the class. H
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