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441a - Parana H'S-l'l’E GPTJ‘E‘S" HIM “...

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Unformatted text preview: Parana * H'S-l'l’E GPTJ‘E‘S " HIM “' fmcg'hvnceendflffl‘i'nclm {4“} Q A ring is dipped in a viscdus detergent sclutic-n and suspended vertically. When an incandescent light is shined directly an the detergent film, cclc-red fringes appear. What explains the black area at the top of the film? a. The film thickness at the trap is 1! 2 the wavelength pf vicIlet light. I}. The film thickness at the tap is insignificant ccrnpared tn the wave- lengths cf the visible spectrum. c. The index of refracticn fer the snap film is greatest at the hattcm. d. The cdmplete transmission of light instead of interference. ...
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