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454a - HGDERNPHFSJ'CS" XXHM Speciethetett'fih[454 Time...

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Unformatted text preview: HGDERNPHFSJ'CS " XXHM * Speciethetett'fih' [454] Time Dilation and Length Contraction —pI- erasing reference 'Um Te :1 passenger eh heard the shah. '35 Te tt stettehet}: absentee the tight putse the tight ptta‘se refieets straight up trmret's a greater ettstmtee Light speed is ehtt thetaI tissue. The time durett'eh the same he hath tet'ereeeefrttmes, se the ef the putse ts she rter. thee t h term-i here ts greater: A: at, = time interval stalienaty ubserver a _ m _ T A mm = time interval messing Bhutan-Er r5 _ _ I [Tl v = speed 1 _ Flt-1‘2 r: = speedetlightflIiD'm-‘ei 'i' = it-JI — Vin-i {always} H L LP L 1 1 i = length egspeeding abject = = _ = length 1;: object al rest 1 1’ f5 F tpmperlength] ...
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