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459b - —.¢.— The answer is The bubble chamber in which...

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Unformatted text preview: —.¢.— The answer is @ The bubble chamber, in which moving charged particles leave tracks in superheated liquid hydrogen, served for many years as a primary instrument to observe the be- havior and interactions of fundamental particles. Particle speeds within the bubble chamber are usually significant compared to the speed of light, so it's important to use relativistic mechanics for problem solving, riot classical mechanics. The student, however, set the value of electron momentum p=mv equal to the the classical definition of momentum: . . . my Instead oi‘ the relativistic momentum: p = — = T m 1.- V1 — viii“:2 Because gamma {y - 1N1 - virri ] is aivvays greater than cine, his mistake led to a value for electron speed that was too high. {in the past, it was common to multiply gamma by the mass term {*rest mass'] and call the result *relativi'stic mass’. We could say that he underestimated the mass of the electron at high speed, but physicists have largeiy discarded that terminology. It's better to think of relativistic momentum in terms of space-time curvature. BM coMPBEHEHsIvE taxman-is BUBBLE CHAMBER iii-lows UP FMFIL‘i' ones as an Envlemiuerr FBR number-'5 HflT timer on THE Ti'JPICS oF sPEcuiL HELATI'li'IT‘I', our Fen oTHEit Topics SUCH AS MAGHEISM AND PaRTICLE FH‘r'SiES. o 1005 .J arrest ...
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