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460b - I I The tetal energy{if a particle is the sum of its...

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Unformatted text preview: I I The tetal energy {if a particle is the sum of its kinetic energy and its rest energy {met}. I Fpr a particle in possessic-n of a given mass to phtain the speed of light would require the input of an infinite ameunt ef werls. I When a particle is at rest, the total energy equals the rest energy {E = mrli. This is Einstein‘s famous equatien shpwi ng mass-energy equivalence. In other wards. mass is a farm of energy. I Hate that the relativistic kinetic energy is defined differently than classical kinetic energy [E =itml'1}. Relativistic kinetic energy gets very large as particle speed approaches the speed at light. 2 me 2 K=——mc H1— vir'r:2 EASE—ENERGY E'EHJWALENEE IS IMPDETANT FDR NUCLEAR FH‘t'SICS, llII'iI'HEFlE MS—ENEHE‘I' CONVER— SION FLATS AN IMPORTANT RULE. 2 2005 .J WEIE'EL ...
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