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463a - HDDERNPHFSICS" XXHMI Qua-ohm...

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Unformatted text preview: HDDERNPHFSICS " XXHMI' * Qua-ohm Theoq’ofligiu [4'53] © The graph at right shows the intensity of emitted radiation versus wayelength for three well-known stars. Which of the following statements_accurate- ly represents the infom'lation presented by the graph? Canopus , 1300 k The Sun - 5300 It 3112!] Hill] 90!?! 110i] linm} a. The sun emits more energy per second than hntares. b. The peak wayelength in the Canopus distribution is emitted at approxi- mately twice the intensity as the peak wavelength for Antares. c. More red light is emitted per unit surface area per second from Antares than from Canopus. d. The higher the star temperature, the higher the frequency represented by the peak of the distribution of emitted photons. ...
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