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465a - MGDERNPHFSICS" XXttth Qua-ohm meowofligiu[4'55...

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Unformatted text preview: MGDERNPHFSICS " XXttth * Qua-ohm meowofligiu [4'55] The Photoelectric Effect tight mar—q: K - maximum kinetic energy electron it In ofan cm'mcd cloclron it = Planck‘s conelam (15.53 I lfl'HJ - e] f = Frequency 1: = work function [com-g}- required meta! lo cecapc tho Tomi} The kinetic energy cfan ciectrcu ejectectfiom the surface of a cit-:tcliI through the photoelectric efl'ect equate the amcrunt af energy.r tefi aver firm: the iueideat phat-ea EHEFEJ.’ ufier the mark perfisrrmett ta cause the eiectrcu ta escape the metat. ...
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