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473a - MGDERNPH was i smear new Aficfiaufmmrrhflmrr...

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Unformatted text preview: MGDERNPH was i smear * new Aficfiaufmmrrhflmrr? Til'remj- [ml @ Employing a given vcltage, a device accel- erates prctdns [:H+] freni rest to farm a beam which is incident en a single, narrdw slit. Beyend the slit is a phcspherescent screen sandwiched with phdtcgraphic film. After a short time, the image at right was recerded by the film. When the same walt— age generates a beam of deuteri uim nuclei EH 1, haw dees the image differ? a. The central bright fringe is wider. h. The central bright fringe is narrewer. c. The pattern is unchanged. d. The dark fringes disappear. ...
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