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cb_model - Steps to making the CB model 1 identifying the...

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Steps to making the CB model 1. identifying the process variable 2. understand key drivers at each process (mediator vs moderator-doesn’t always have to moderate the actual mediator.. ) 3. do not repeat OR cross variables 4. *casual link (mediator) use horizontal arrow. *moderator by drawing arrow perpendicular to the horizontal one 5. * 1 st casual link between actual/desire to choice * 2 nd introduce mediator and moderator * introduce post purchase effect (feedback) 6. check for completeness (X) Salary – mediator – (Y)productivity Problem - motivation- preference construction where mediator(main variable but doesn’t tell you by how much does productivity links to salary... only links the 2) could be job satisfaction (due to job satisfaction, it increases the job productivity.) X Y motivation, attitude, perception, learning, memory = mediators and moderators moderator- can be put into .. can explain different level of impact/how much salary effects productivity- mediator- explain direction
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