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Name: Problem 10.6 Worksheet a. Explain b. Shown below is the ASM chart from the multiplication algorithm used in lecture. Create an ASM chart for Booth’s multiplication algorithm by making appropriate modifications to this chart. Your changes may include adding new states, editing existing states, adding RTL ovals, editing RTL in existing ovals, adding decision diamonds, editing existing decision diamonds, adding new transition arrows, or adjusting existing transition arrows.
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Problem 10.6, continued c. Complete the following table with all appropriate microoperations, control signals and boolean expressions (see example in lecture). Registers A, C, Q, Q -1 , and P will appear in the table.
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Unformatted text preview: Not all spaces in the table are necessary; complete only the necessary spaces. Register Microoperation Control Signal Name Boolean Expression d. Complete the following next-state table for Booth’s multiplication algorithm. Use the state assignment IDLE = 00, MUL0 = 01, MUL1 = 10. Current state Inputs Next state M 1 M G Z M 1 + M + Draw the control unit for Booth’s algorithm using the sequence register + decoder method. D Q Q’ D O M O D Q Q’ D 1 M 1 Problem 10.6, continued e. Using the one flip-flop per state method, draw a control unit for your ASM. D Q Q’ IDLE D Q Q’ MUL0 D Q Q’ MUL1...
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hwk10_s07_prob6_wksht - Not all spaces in the table are...

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