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Econ102_Exam1_Form4_Winter08_ - Winter Semester 2008...

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Winter Semester 2008 Form 4 Economics 102 – Principles of Economics II Department of Economics – University of Michigan Examination No. 1 – Section 100 Circle the correct answer for each of the following questions . 1. Your form number is A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 Table 1 2. According to Table 1, if Anne and Sam each worked separately, how many meals per day would be served by each of them? 3. Suppose the exchange rate in the year 2006 was 1 euro per dollar, and in 2007 the exchange rate increased to 2 euros per dollar. If the price of a German sweater was 50 euros in both years, the new dollar price in 2007 would be _______ and imports of German sweaters would __________. 4. Causation (OVER) 1
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Winter Semester 2008 Form 4 5. Which of the following events is most likely to cause the investment share line to shift to the right? A) The release of a government report demonstrating that new computer equipment will lower future business costs B) A decrease in the investment tax credit C) A rise in real interest rates D) An increase in pessimism 6. According to the spending allocation model, which of the following statements is correct ? 7. A decrease in the United States interest rate relative to the Japanese interest rate will cause the exchange rate, measured in yen per dollar, to ___________ as international investors ___________ their demand for dollar-denominated assets.
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