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Lecture week 10 26/10/2010 14:13:00 AAS 100 Lecture Outline Week 10, Oct 26th Theme:  Diaspora and Transnationalism I. Global Migration A. Emigration o Adjustments in new country Foreign status Social Discrimination Naturalization? B. Immigration C. Reasons for Migration 1. Economic: Push-Pull, Labor 2. Political: Refugee, Asylum 3. Social/Cultural: Persecution 4. War, Famine, Natural Disaster D. Forms of Migration o 1. Step Migration- (Country to Country) o 2. Seasonal Migration: (Periodic) o 3. Circular Migration/Circuit:  II. Transnationalism
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A. Migration vs. Transnationalism 1. Beyond One-way migration      2. Role of the nation-state o Control of Migration o Creation of Labor Reserve Pool o Select Enforcement o “Labor not Lives” B. Movement of People and Things 1. Country of Origin/Destination 2.  Flows of Capital, Labor, Commodities
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Lecture 10 - Lectureweek10 AAS100LectureOutline...

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