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Bryant Ly Section: AD5 Introduction of the Presenter: On Tuesday, October 26, I attended a presentation by Corrine Kodama. She is the associate director of the Asian- American Resource and Cultural Center at the University of Illinois. Summary: The topic that was discussed was the response in regards to Asians stating, “What if I don’t want to be a doctor?” In her presentation, Kodama talked about the typical Asian career and the influences that family members have on the career choice that is chosen by many Asian students. She stated the typical jobs that Asians pursue are doctor, engineer, YouTube star, and Musician. She then went on to talk about the reasons for these choices. For example Asians become YouTube stars because they can’t get into mainstream media. Or becoming an Engineer because Asians’ are typically good at math and don’t require a lot of English to do well in the area, while also receiving high pay. She went on to then talk about the things to consider while choosing a career so that it is
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