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Department of Economics UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA ECON 345 Money and Banking September 2010 G. Newman (BuTo 1003) [email protected] Text : Mishkin, Frederick S. and Apostolos Serletis, Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets , Fourth Canadian edition, Pearson, 2010. This text is recommended only, not required. It serves only as a reasonable background. Used copies of earlier Canadian editions are perfectly acceptable and may still be available. Content : This course serves as an introduction to the broad area of money and finance. It highlights the basic features of asset market equilibria and studies the important interactions between private sector agents, the banking system, and the central bank. In doing so, the course aims to provide strong practical insight into the complexities of current financial market behaviour, based on fully-articulated theoretical foundations. Current debates on the appropriate instruments of short-run monetary policy will be highlighted; recent theoretical models of interest rate control with multiple policy targets will be presented. The characteristics of
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345_2010_course_outline - Department of Economics...

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