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Bio 2960 Bioinformatics Project - Assignment 2 1) How many bases are in the PAH gene DNA reference sequence? 79277 2) How many bases are in the PAH gene mRNA reference sequence? 2680 3) How many amino acids are in the PAH protein reference sequence? 452 4) Briefly explain the differences in your answers to the first three questions. In  other words, why does the DNA sequence have more bases than the mRNA  sequence, and why does the mRNA sequence have more bases than the protein  sequence has amino acids? There are more DNA bases than mRNA bases because DNA is double- stranded and mRNA is single-stranded. The mRNA has more bases than the 
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Unformatted text preview: protein sequence has amino acids because for every three base pairs, there should exist one amino acid. In addition, there is a region known as the untranslated region of the mRNA that contains a ribosome-bonding site and other regulatory sites. 5) What is the base that is different between the normal PAH mRNA sequence and the mutant PAH mRNA sequence (base letters and position)? The mutation occurs at the 1310 th base. The regular base of the PAH sequence is G, while the mutated base is A....
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