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Bio review session for exam 2 - length High amount of...

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HO Lagging vs. leading For DNA replication o Enzymes: pol I and pol III, DNA helicase, DNA ligase o Circular (dsDNA, bacterial plasmids, extra chromonsomal DNA) vs. linear DNA (dsDNA, eukaryotic chromosomes, multiple origins of replication) o Origin of replication OriC recognized by ___ that opens up dsDNA into ssDNA bubbles that helicases can work with to continue opening up DNA o (In linear) Telomerase will come in o further extend the DNA template one more okasaki fragments will be synthesized DNA will not lose any
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Unformatted text preview: length High amount of telomerase in cancer cells • PCR sequencing o Dideoxy nucleotides Problem Set 5.5 **** 1) single stranded DNA may have regions that perform like double stranded-don’t worry about D and L loops DNA heximer opens us double stranded region; opens up origins of replication MAJORS General transcriptions o TFIID – starts it o TFIIB – recruits polymerase o TFIIH – opens up transcription bubble; phosphorylates tail Not responsible to polycome...
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