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Badrep - A special report is one that is written up outside...

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A special report is one that is written up outside the first year laboratory. The following is considered a poor special report; we have included many of the errors that are found repeatedly in poor laboratory reports. This report would get about 25% provided we were certain that the student actually attended the laboratory and undertook the work. THE MEASUREMENT OF RESISTANCE USING VOLTMETER & AMMETER INTRODUCTION Measurement of resistance is where resistance can be measured. Resistances can be measured with a voltmeter and ampmeter so it can be found. I use Ohm’s law V=IR to do this. EQUIPMENT AND METHODS We have a voltmeter, an ampmeter and a resistances and some sources. This is the circuit to use. In the above circuit there are two loops. Start with a lead one end of which will be connected to the positive terminal of the source. BUT DO NOT CONNECT IT YET, and connect the other end tot he ammeter. It is important to remember that current flows into the positive terminal and to use the least sensitive range. Then take a lead from the other terminal of the ammeter and connect it to the voltmeter. Watch that
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