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Survey Results - with my words and my behavior and when a...

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Chun 1 Soo Hyun Chun Dr. Kliem June 16 th 2011 HPS 1040 First of all, the Meyers-Briggs Indicator result came out to be that I am a Guardian Portrait of the Inspector (ISTJ) and the word that best describe these type of people is super dependable. Also, the characteristic is that they might not be as talkative as Supervisor Guardian types (ESTJ), we are still highly sociable, and are likely to be engaged in community service. ISTJs are very patient with work and have a procedure within an institution, also ISTJs like more when their duties are exact and follow the guidelines and follow the rules given out. With the lifestyle ISTJ do not like to get too fancy, not just in fashion but the way we speak, we want it to be plain and down-to-earth. Second of all, with the results of the locus of control, my score came out to be 75, which the result was internal locus of control. This result means, that I had a strong stand
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Unformatted text preview: with my words and my behavior, and when a result comes out after a behavior, I believe that I had the control no matter if it was a bad or a good result. For the happiness survey, my score came out to be 28 points, which fell in the category of satisfied. With this result, what I learned is how to become more satisfied with my life, and that is to figure out where your stress is exactly coming from, and deal with that stress effectively. Lastly, for the anger hostility scale results my overall points came out to be 10 points. Cynicism and anger came to be 3 points, and aggression came to be 4 points. I scored Chun 2 low in all three categories in result, and this result means that hostility level is below the range where it is likely to place you at risk of developing any types of health problem....
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Survey Results - with my words and my behavior and when a...

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