Bio 3UU3 - BIOLOGY 3UU3 - Winter Term II - 2011 Animal...

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Page 1 of 5 BIOLOGY 3UU3 - Winter Term II - 2011 Animal Physiology: Regulatory Systems Instructor: C.D. Rollo ( Lectures: Mon. Course Coordinator : TBA Wed. Fri. Teaching Assistants TBA TBA If the course is full, I cannot help you to get a seat. If the course is close to capacity I do not provide permissions for those with prerequisite deficiencies. There is no Textbook but a courseware package is required. Grading: Midterm 40% (early March) Final Examination 60% There may be a participation grade depending on available TAs and Electronic support (TBA) (5% bonus my discretion) Grading Issues: I do not release or provide old examinations. The relative weighting of the midterm and final examination grades will NOT be adjusted on an individual basis. The midterm is scheduled in class time and you are expected to be able to attend (multiple choice format). The accommodation for those who miss the midterm will be a 100% final. The final examination will cover the entire year’s work and readings with some weighting on material not covered on the midterm. The possible bonus for electronic participation is based on quality and quantity of content. Grading of participation is entirely subjective and is not open to appeal. Your participation indicates your acceptance of this arrangement. There is no laboratory. The courseware package of required readings represents a tutorial that you can do on your own time, keeping in mind that this is considered equivalent to a full tutorial (i.e., several hours per week are recommended). You will be graded on ALL the courseware content. Questions pertaining to these readings will be included on the midterm and final examination. Your TAs will be available online to facilitate discussion and help you out. Electronic Medium: Important course information, TA contact and discussions/review relevant to studying will be facilitated via electronic. Use of such electronic media may reveal private information such as first and last names, program affiliation, etc. Continuation in this course will be deemed consent to disclose of such information. Consequently, if you do not wish to participate via ELM you should not take this course.
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Biology 3UU3 (Winter Term II – 2010-11) Dr. C. D. Rollo Page 2 of 5 Course Content The key focus of this course is regulatory systems associated with major features and functions of animals (e.g. feeding, reproduction, thermoregulation, growth, stress, sleep, aging). Other emphases include neuroendocrinology, evolution, vertebrates and ecology. There is really only one way for human minds to handle the daunting amount of
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Bio 3UU3 - BIOLOGY 3UU3 - Winter Term II - 2011 Animal...

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