Hth Sci 3P06 course outline

Hth Sci 3P06 course outline - Fall/Winter 2010 HTH SCI 3P06...

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Fall /Winter 2010 HTH SCI 3P06 Therapeutic Drugs: Molecules in the Marketplace Instructor: P.K. Rangachari ( [email protected] ) ext 21559 T. A. Kulamakan Kulasegaram Times: Mondays 14:30-17:20 (MDCL 2230) OBJECTIVE: The overall objectives of this course are to help you appreciate the multiple aspects of pharmacology (molecular, clinical and social). NOT AN OBJECTIVE: To help you maintain your GPA is NOT one of the objectives of this course. There should be NO misunderstanding on that score. Rationale : Drugs form an essential part of the therapeutic armamentarium of modern medicine. Globally, the pharmaceutical industry forms a significant component of wealth generation in many industrialized nations. A conservative estimate has the trade’s annual sales of $400 billion US. The pharmaceutical industry uses the metaphor of a pipeline that leads to the production of novel marketable entities. Contrary to popular belief, the development of a drug is not a free enterprise since many different aspects are under the control of society. Pharmacology as a basic biomedical discipline has drugs as its central focus and can be regarded as applied physiology and biochemistry. However, more than other disciplines, it has a significant social component since the production and marketing of therapeutic drugs for human and veterinary use involves the interactions between multiple social groups (producers, regulators, prescribers and users). This broad based course will introduce you to multiple aspects of pharmacology-ranging from the molecular to social. General Objectives : This course will use a judicious mix of didactic and inquiry based approaches. As with all inquiry courses, there will be both content and process elements. The content of this course relates to 3 aspects of pharmacology: molecular or basic pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and social pharmacology . The discussions will focus on drugs that have recognized or purported therapeutic uses in clinical or veterinary medicine. Thus drugs used solely for recreational purposes will not be considered. 1
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By the end of this course you will be able to : describe in general terms the principles underlying pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics Transfer your knowledge of those basic principles to novel situations. describe the key steps in the process by which drugs are developed for therapeutic use in humans/animals recognize the complex interactions between individuals, investments, ideals and institutions that lead to the development of useful drugs for therapeutic purposes Recognize the key elements that need to be considered for a proper assessment of a drug that is to be used for recognized clinical conditions. Appreciate the peer review process by (a) participating in it and (b) by practicing
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Hth Sci 3P06 course outline - Fall/Winter 2010 HTH SCI 3P06...

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